Don’t muck around with the family jewels, see a doctor if there is anything you are worried about.

Boys love messing around with balls – rugby balls, cricket balls, just about any balls – but the game gets serious when it comes to our own balls!

Truth is, you’d be nuts to muck around if you notice any changes to your buddies downstairs. If you find any swelling, a lump or a lasting pain in your ball(s), it’s time to check things out. And as special as they may be to you – funnily enough, the doc’s seen plenty. (Your testicles won’t scare them, honest).

Key Points:

  • Testicular cancer is a rare cancer
  • It is most common in Kiwi men 15 – 24 yrs old, but can occur at any age
  • Testicular cancer is curaball in most cases, especially if caught early



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Source: Canadian Cancer Society


Dr Jason Gurney - NZ Research