A large part of sex is about intimacy, and the trust between you and your mate. Working on that side of things can be a good way to bring back that loving feeling…

Marvin Gaye sang about it and we all grooved to the sounds when he sang  "When I get that feeling I want sexual healing, sexual healing baby.... its good for you......." 

It may be the closest thing to a Kiwi bloke’s heart, and yet SEX is not so easy to talk about. Not for us blokes anyway. Sex isn’t a favourite conversation starter for the average Kiwi bloke. But when sexual problems get in the way of your life, it’s worth sorting them. There is a lot of help out there if you go looking for it – and let’s face it, anything’s better than nothing in that department!

Key Points:

  • Many sexual problems caused by cancer and other illnesses can be temporary
  • Don’t ignore or stay silent about sexual problems (impotence, ejaculation problems etc). Sex IS important, and it IS worth seeking help
  • Stress and anxiety can affect sexual performance. Talk to your doctor or health professional about how you might make changes to improve your life between the sheets

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