Studies show that the key to resilience (bouncing back) is having caring and supportive relationships with family and friends.

When we said get your nuts checked, well, this is your one big nut that always needs your care and attention!

We’re good Kiwi blokes, right? And good Kiwi blokes are always fine. “How you're doing?” “Fine, mate, yeah. You?” “Yeah, good mate.” You betcha, we’re all good. Until we’re not. Mental distress and illness are very common and a long-term illness or a chronic condition can increase the risk due to extra stress.  It's OK to ask for help.

The 2012/13 New Zealand Health Survey found that one in six New Zealand adults (16%, or an estimated 582,000 adults) had been diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some time in their lives (including depression, bipolar disorder and/or anxiety disorder). Mental disorders, as a group, are the third-leading cause of health loss for New Zealanders (11.1% of all health loss), behind only cancers (17.5%) and vascular and blood disorders (17.5%). Read More

Looking after your mental health is key to living a well-balanced life and knowing how to reset the ballast when we find ourselves on an uneven keel is a skill we all need to brush up on at times.

Key Points:

  • At some point in their lives, Kiwi blokes may get depression - it's very common
  • Keep afloat - learn how to recover quickly from unexpected events, change or misfortune
  • The mind is like a bank, you only get out what you have put in – feed your mind with good fuel
  • There is always a way through – check out the tools below
  • Seek support and talk to someone about how you are feeling
    • it could be with a GP or with someone you trust
    • getting better is easier with help.
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