Studies show that the key to resilience (bouncing back) is having caring and supportive relationships with family and friends.

When we said get your nuts checked, well, this is your one big nut that always needs your care and attention!

We’re good Kiwi blokes, right? And good Kiwi blokes are always fine. “How you doing?” “Fine, mate, yeah. You?” “Yeah, good mate.” You betcha, we’re all good. Until we’re not.

Recent publicity campaigns have started Kiwi’s thinking about  their mental health and wellbeing, and through the well-known faces of people like Sir John Kirwan, we are learning that it is OK to ask for help.

Looking after your mental health is key to living a well-balanced  life, and knowing how to reset the ballast when we find ourselves on an uneven keel is a skill we all need to brush up on at times.

Key Points:
  • At some point in their lives, 1 in 10 Kiwi blokes will get depression
  • Keep afloat - learn how to recover quickly from unexpected events, change or misfortune
  • The mind is like a bank, you only get out what you have put in – feed your mind good fuel
  • There is always a way through – check out the tools below

Website Links:   Haurora Tane Nutter Club Site  Mental Health Foundation Website

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