Our Kiwi culture says we blokes are DIYers. We like to fix things. We like to mess around to make things go better and faster. We like to get more noise. We like our toys. We compare our cars and we like it when “mine’s bigger than his”. We’re good Kiwi blokes.

We know to look after our assets to prevent expensive maintenance down the track. We fuel our cars right, oil them well, change their tyres when we notice they’re worn and take them to the yard when they need a service, but hey... what about getting serviced ourselves? (No! Not like that!).

Checking in early with your doctor or health professional about something you have noticed or are concerned about not only gives you peace of mind; it may help to reduce your odds of bigger health issues down the line. Let’s call it “preventative maintenance”.




Hardware Health Check

How often do we see to our own health checks?

Check up on your own WOF status and win prizes.





Cancer Research UK

Cancer Reseach UK

Check out this personalised lifestyle quiz (UK based).


Please note – for New Zealand conditions, the Cancer Society recommends the use of broad spectrum, SPF30+ sunscreen. Sun protection is required between September and April (especially 10am - 4pm), or when the UVI is 3 or higher.Check out the Sun Protection Alert on the Met Service website (http://www.metservice.com)

Fat Chance - Weight Loss Calculator


Weight Loss Calculator

Check out this Slim Weight Calorie Calculator from Fat Chance, a very useful website & book.



Lost It Website

Weight Loss Website & Download Free Smartphone App

This website takes you through a personalised healthy eating, coaching, and goal setting programme. It Includes a smart phone app and you can link the programme with your mates.




Push Play Website

Push Play Website

Getting active lowers your stress levels and releases endorphins into your body, making you feel better.






Depression.org.nz Website


This website has been designed to help you understand more about depression and has plenty of good stuff that’s simple to use.




Black Dog Website

Black Dog

The Black Dog Institute is an Australian not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in depression and bipolar disorder.