Cure ( Cancer Updates and Resaerch)

BY Dana Stewart

I am a planner. I've been planning out everything from outfits I'd be wearing the next day to where I want to live in five years. I love calendars and daily planners where I can write down everything and see exactly what is happening in my life. So, of course I was shocked with a cancer diagnosis. Let's see, I don't see that action point planned out in my diary for July 10, 2010. “There goes my whole life plan,” I thought. And, in some ways, it definitely did get thrown out the window. However, as with the way life works, new plans arose, and I continue on with my life. It's taken years of living in the post-cancer-diagnosis world for me to get to this line of thinking. I learned the hard way that you just can't constantly make predictions and/or plan everything out. You will miss your entire life if you do that. Read More