Should I check? Ministry of Health launches new website to help men check for prostate cancer

Ministry of Health Media release 11 April 2018 The Ministry of Health has launched Kupe, a website aimed at helping men decide if a prostate check is right for .. | Read on..

A new National Cancer Programme work plan for 2018/19

Ministry of Health Media release The next National Cancer Programme work plan will set an agreed direction for cancer priorities from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 201.. | Read on..

Review of the National Tumour Standards

Ministry of Health 6th April 2018 Tumour standards are an internationally accepted approach to driving quality improvement in cancer care. They describe the lev.. | Read on..

Waikato men told to see their doctor after being screened at health event

Stuff April 11 2018 Over half of the men who fronted up to a Waikato health event have been told to go and see their doctors. The Men's Health Event in Cambridg.. | Read on..

Skin cancer rate hits all-time high: Cancer Society wants urgent action

Stuff 6th April 2018 Non-melanoma skin cancer rates have hit an all time high, and the Cancer Society of New Zealand wants urgent Government action. Read More | Read on..